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FDC Mortar Employment

FDC Mortar Employment

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Coyote covers with tan pages.


  • Grid / Alt, Ammo Worksheet, Target List Worksheet, Observed Firing Chart,
    Below Pivot-Point Method, Modified-Observed Firing Chart, Registration And Sheaf Adjustment, Follow-On Missions After Reg., Firing Re-Registration, Converge And Open The Sheaf, Vert Interval Correction Factors, Vert Interval Different Missions, Registration, Before Firing Follow On Missions, Re-Registration, Safety Diagram, Determine The Direction Of Fire, Construct A Range Safety Diagram, Deflection Conversion Table, Common Plotting Board Symbols,Traversing Fire, Traverse Mission, Search Mission / Card, Search And Traverse, Final Protective Fire, Quick Smoke, Plotting The Target, Quick Smoke Card, Illum, Illum Cross, Sead / Timeline / Chart, Call For Fire ( CFF ) (MTO),
    Types Of Sheaves, Laying, Direct Lay / Alignment, 60’S Misfire Proc Handheld, 60’S Misfire Proc For Conv, 81’S Misfire Procedures, Boresighting, FDC, Overview, LHMBC-MET Data.


Fully Waterproof

Fillable, Erasable, Rewritable

Card Count: 11 Size: Thuls (5.25 x 4.25)

3 Black Micro Rings included Free