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RCB Expandable Baton Case

RCB Expandable Baton Case

Zero 9
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Zero9 RCB Expandable Baton Case

- RCB Baton Case = Peacekeeper RCB Batons - all 4 baton lengths will work with this case.  They are designed to work best with the 24" and 26" batons but the 21" and 29" will also fit - with different amounts of grip available above the case.

 - These baton cases are not cross-compatible (You cannot use the ASP baton case with an RCB baton and vice versa)

 Mounting/Attachment options:

- TEK-LOK for trouser belts and duty belts up to 2.25" (Can mount at 0, 45 and 90 degrees on the belt - FIXED - DOES NOT SWIVEL/ROTATE)

- MOLLE-LOK for molle vests, molle outer carriers, molle bags, backpacks etc (go-bags)