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Tazer 7 Hard Case

Tazer 7 Hard Case

Zero 9
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Zero9 Tazer 7 Hard Case

Ruggedized upgrade for your TASER®  TASER 7 energy weapon.  These cases are ambidextrous and available with 2 Molle-Loks or a Tek-Lok attachment.  The case protects the trigger and cartridge doors and is secured with a shock cord retention lanyard. 
The Zero9 Case for TASER® Brand energy weapons can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a Molle Vest or vertically, horizontally or at a 45 degree angle on a duty belt.

Select TEK-LOKS for DUTY BELTS (Or Trouser Belts for plainclothes etc)

You can mount other cases to the front of these! If you want your OC can on the front to save space on your belt or vest you can do that.  All of our duty gear share a hole pattern so you can mount other cases to the ZERO9 Case for the TASER® brand energy weapons.
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